PASS 2019 Inclusive Education Study Tour

Congratulations to our two winners of the PASS 2019 Inclusive Education Study Tour Scholarships


  1. Jackson School, (Joan O’Connor-Cox and Anthony Jackson)

Joan and Anthony will be using the scholarship to travel to Scandinavia and explore leading and best-practice into how Scandinavian inclusive schools meet the holistic learning needs of students with additional needs and disabilities through differentiation. Following the study tour they aim to share knowledge of best practice of differentiation in Scandinavian inclusive practices for students with disabilities and additional needs with their own school community, their networks, South-West region and at system-level, conferences.


As a result of this study tour, both Joan and Anthony hope to develop a robust differentiation, support model to strengthen inclusive practices within their own school; based upon a synthesis and review of literature and professional-led action research. In line with Jackson School’s strategic intent, it is their purpose for Jackson to become a lighthouse of inclusive pedagogical knowledge to contribute to the Department’s commitment to excellence and equity following the Review of the Program for Students with Disabilities (PSD) and DET’s Special Needs Plan in making Victoria the Education State.  Joan and Anthony have chosen Scandinavia as a European region (Finland, Sweden, Denmark and Norway) based upon their Programme for International Student Assessment (PISA) results and their indicators from the European Agency for Special Needs and Inclusive Education Statistics on Inclusive Education (EASIE). These countries’ their EASIE indicators are not necessarily reflected in their PISA result rankings and we aim to explore the lack of correlation between these two major international studies through this inclusive study tour. 


  1. Travancore School, (Judy Ring)

The purpose of this learning experience is to engage with the key researchers and practitioners in the area of school refusal to assist in the development of best practice models of intervention and consolidate connection to the international network.


Travancore School has been active in developing a model to reintegrate students with chronic school refusal. In 2018 Judy was fortunate to visit several programs and researchers in the field and discussed the development of a formal international network to promote practice. Since then the network has formed and an initial conference ‘School absenteeism: A universal problem in need of local, national, and international solutions’ was established. Travancore School in partnership with University of Melbourne were invited to submit papers based on the work in their In2School program. Two papers have been accepted for the conference


The ability to continue to offer the intensive intervention relies in part on building and aligning Judy and Travancore’s work with a strong accepted evidence base. This conference will expose Judy to the most current research across the world and provide opportunities to engage with a larger range of practitioners.


Desired outcomes would include:

  • Improved knowledge on successful practices that strengthens professional learning content
  • Professional links with other program staff
  • Greater knowledge of research that would strengthen the future viability of the current program

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