Naranga's House System Supports S-WPBS Tier One Fun

Since implementing School-Wide Positive Behaviour Support, Naranga School has worked towards using a House System as an opportunity to build positive school culture and teach expectations and values.


The process began by naming the four school Houses after our school values – SAFE, RESPECTFUL, RESPONSIBLE, and LEARNER.  Slowly followed by the introduction of structured House meetings linked to curriculum areas and S-WPBS strategies.

We sat down with our 2019 School Captains and interviewed them about our House System. Here’s what they had to say:

What is a House Meeting?

-A House Meeting is a get together of House groups where students and teachers are working together to make the school better. We work on resilience, positive attitudes, confidence, inclusion, being comfortable at school and having someone to talk to.


When did we start them?

-We started House Meetings a year ago.


How often do they happen?

-We go to meetings two to three times a term and then have a House Day with a special event.

What does it look like?

-You will see people talking and communicating, being friendly, polite, a sea of colour, House posters, logos, students follow the House expectations and students having fun.


What activities do students do?

-House Athletics, Tree Planting Day, Cross Country, Nude Foods, Kindness Day, board games, Citizenship Week…

What do students wear?

-Students and teachers wear House t-shirts with the logos printed on them.


Where did the logos come from?

-Everyone had a chance to do a design. We were given a shape and line to inspire us. All these designs were gathered together, sent to a graphic designer and he brought all the ideas together. Each logo has a story about why it looks they way it does and these reflect each value. They are really special.


What are we hoping to do in the future with House Groups?

-In the future we’d like to have House Captains who run the meetings. We will continue to ask students what they want in these meetings and gather a list of activities that the students want to do. We’d like to try House Points in the Senior School and see if this can motivate our whole school. We are learning lots and so are our teachers.



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